"Traditional Values, Modern Approaches"

ELTE Origó Language Centre, a company of Eötvös Loránd University Budapest (ELTE), is proud to be the leading language assessment centre with an extensive network of accredited test centres, offering certified examinations in approximately 30 languages at 62 locations all over Hungary.

Founded in 1967, it has been providing language courses as well as assessments and qualifications for almost 50 years. The key to our professional and financial success has been combining tradition with constant renewal. Our main objective is to ensure a reliable and modern assessment of examinees’ language skills and to provide high-quality language courses to both ELTE students and other customers, thus promoting lifelong learning.

Our professional teachers and staff have the qualifications--MA or PhD degrees--and experience to deliver superior tuition and personalised customer services in a welcoming environment all year round. They are committed to improving their own language and teaching skills, as well as to applying up-to-date teaching methods and teaching materials to suit learners' needs and learning styles. In addition, they are all teacher trainers themselves, running workshops and training courses throughout Hungary. A number of our employees are also dedicated test developers who strive to make the exams a positive experience for most examinees and make our language tests as true-to-life as possible.

Exam in Hungarian as a foreign language

monolingual exam that is open to anyone learning Hungarian, irrespective of their first language

the exam is available at four levels:
- A2 (Waystage)
- B1 (Threshold - Origó Basic level)
- B2 (Vantage - Origó Intermediate level)
- C1 (Effective Operational Proficiency - Origó Advanced level)

levels accredited in Hungary: B1, B2, C1
the Written and the Oral exam can be taken independently; you must score at least 60% in each part to pass
focus on communicative language ability
tasks modelling real-life situations
tasks in the Oral exam: informal discussion, picture description (monologue based on a picture as visual stimulus), role-play, listening
Written exam: ‘Use of Hungarian’ (tests grammar and vocabulary), Reading, Writing (letter or email, expressing an opinion)
also available abroad (in Canada)

Advantages of the exam:
- can be used to earn language credits at secondary schools and universities abroad
- can help you get a job
- a strengthening of national identity for the Hungarian diaspora in various countries
- gives international students in Hungary a sense of achievement
- with its exam in Hungarian as a foreign language, Origó Language Centre is an Associate Member of ALTE